octOCT (Ocular Coherence Tomography) is a highly sophisticated device that images the individual layers of the retina, with an accuracy of microns.  This allows detailed microscopic investigations of your eye’s tissue structures to evaluate ocular health and conditions at their earliest stages.  

An OCT detects eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and other internal diseases of the eye that can threaten vision before symptoms become apparent in a conventional eye examination.  With an OCT, your doctor has one of the most accurate and trusted diagnostic instruments available.  



Automated Peripheral Vision Testing:
This technology allows the measurement of side or peripheral vision which is vital in cases of injuries, tumors, aneurysms, etc… along the optic nerve and brain. It is important in measuring progression of glaucoma and specific retinal diseases.



opticamOptikam – Envision your new glasses in a way you've never imagined!

Fashion is important, so if you have difficulty visualizing what your new frames will look like, we have technology that involves a computerized camera system called Optikam that can show you four frames at one time on a screen. Optikam will show your new frames from various angles, and show you how thin your new lenses can be with the thinner, lighter materials that are currently available.

Non-contact Tonometer:
We utilize the NIDEK non-contact tonometer to painlessly measure the pressure inside your eyes. An accurate pressure measurement is essential in the diagnosis and management of many eye diseases, most notably Glaucoma.

Digital Retinal Photography:
We utilize the NIDEK fundus camera to capture high resolution digital photos of the retina, including the optic nerve and the macula. These photos provide an objective record of the health of the retina, in addition to providing photographic documentation that can be used to create a baseline at subsequent annual eye exams. We believe that these photos are so invaluable that we suggest them for every patient.