What could be more important than your child’s vision?

Since 80 per cent of a child’s learning is based on vision, excellent sight, eye coordination, and eye health are critical to a child’s development.

Visual development is an active process that begins prior to birth and continues throughout life. Every movement, shape, colour, texture and picture your child is exposed to contributes to the development of their visual skills.

By protecting your child’s eye health and vision, you are enabling them to play, learn, socialize and fully experience everything that life has to offer. Eye problems can even lead to developmental difficulties at school. In fact, one in five children has a vision disorder. Not knowing any differently, many of these children accept poor vision and other eye ailments as normal. If left unchecked, serious long-term effects can result. Even more surprising, one in six school-age children diagnosed with a learning disability actually has a correctable vision problem.  Your Doctor of Optometry is your child's eye expert. They are professionally trained to ensure the best visual development for your growing children. They understand that a child's future development, education and self-confidence is dependent on healthy visual abilities. From the age of six months and up, regular eye exams can identify and address problems early and safeguard children's vision as they grow. 

Protect your child’s vision book an eye exam with an optometrist.  This exam is covered by the Ontario Ministry of Health for children under the age of 20.